WTF/WTB: Computer/Monitor Power Cable

Hey guys… I just need a basic power cable that comes off a computer or monitor. Nothing fancy.

So if you have an old computer lying around and have no use for the chord just let me know…

Id buy one for $2.99 on newegg but the shipping costs more than double the price of the cable so meehhh


I got one here I live at seneca & mill lmk when you want to get it Ill prolly be in south buffalo early tonight if thats closer

Ughh… Im In amherst… thats kinda far.

Im going to try to find one closer if I can but if you still have it in a few days I would still love it.

you need the 3 prong thing thats shaped like a trapeziod? i prob have one i have to look tho


Yeah… the 3 prong one…

I think that has been the only style used since like 2001 lol.

Grand Island here if you need one. Free.

i have 2 for u josh, come get them/ ill get them`to you whenever