WTS: XBox360

Well I had my fun, and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. It provided a great distraction when I wanted it to, but it’s turning out to be a bigger distraction than I expected, lol.


-5 week old XBox360 premium package
-2 year ( $60 value ) warranty with BestBuy, if it ever has problems ( like all eventually do ) you can return it to BestBuy for a credit or a brand new replacement. fuck waiting all that time sending it to microsoft :wink:
-1 Wireless Controller
-2 Headsets
-1 Separate Rechargeable Battery Thing
-2 Rechargable Batteries
-1 Plug into the Xbox Controller recharge while you play thing ( for :snky: power-ranking in R6 )
-1 Xbox Camera Thing


-Rainbow 6 - $40

Feel free to PM offers or whatever. I have all the original boxes, little green and red baggies, all that stupid shit. :slight_smile:

WHAT!!! You are gonna kill the PRK clan??

wtFuck. :frowning:

Haha, I’ll still play sometimes, maybe at Chino’s if we aren’t rocking out to Guitar Hero 2.

R6 is fun and all, and I’ve tried a lot of other games, hoping to find something that’d spark my interest, but I’ve been unsuccessful for the most part. :shrug:

Sorry :\

I thought we had something.

Yeah, what was all that one in a million talk all about then. :cry:

fucking loser.

hate you/


lol, were killing his thread.

BUMP for a good deal.


Well it hasn’t sold yet jeez :cry:

If I didnt have one already id pick it up. Actually the 2yr plan thing is BOMB people! I have it and my 360 took a shit last week…I walk in and walk out with a new one. A friend of mine doesnt have the plan and he had to send his to XBOX360 headquarters…INDIA! haha, i can never understand them… ohwell.
BUT, it took him 2 months to get his shit back from them and over 200hrs of on the phone…LOL it was crazy. You wanna try it, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. TERRIBLE.

BUMP for having the 2yr plan.
Try UBRF.org too

still have ult. alliance? gimme gimme

Thanks for the words playa.

The 2yr Warranty at BB is the shit for sure.

And I had only rented the marvel game :shrug:

If you are selling this for the reason I think, great news for you!! GLWS.

he found man love?


///\ haha. man that is deep.lol

eric i’ll crush you.


no more PRK? :frowning:

fuck i want this…

i dont know if i can right now though…

fuck its only 450…

i may be back lol


:word: it’s a sweet deal, and the bestbuy agreement is the shit.

i’m also up for trades, evo’s, 240s, old 5.0 mustangs, LS1 powered anything

let me know