WTT: 2 Turtles for 1 Rabbit

Trading 2 Red Eared Slider Turtles, each about 4 inches long, shell dimensions, for one domesticated rabbit, preferably a Netherlands Dwarf, preferably male. I’ve got one of these rabbits now, and I’d like a second for him. Turtles come with glass case and food and such. Had them for the last few years, they are very healthy. Pics on request. Located in Grand Island.


don’t know why, but the thread title made me LOL.

me too.

i like turtles

Well if you have a rabbit, this could be your lucky day!!!

great title.

XD thanks guys, hoped you’d enjoy it.

what exactly do turtles do?, i mean arent they boring as a pet? lol


Well it’s fun to watch them tear fish apart, and swim around, and bite small children who are playing with them.

lol well that would be cool to see them tear fish apart, i didnt realize they would do that.

i love this thread

Well I live on the river, and it’s easy to go grab some minnows off my dock and toss them to the turtles and watch them go to town on the little buggers

Trading 1 male Netherlands Dwarf rabbit, for a pair of domesticated turtles, preferably Red Eared Slider, preferably between 3.5 and 4.5 inches long (shell dimensions). I have only one rabbit now, and would like to trade him to a home that has another. I don’t have any supplies for the new turtles though, so I’d prefer if they came with the glass case, food, and such. Pics on request. Located in Hamburg.


Sir, Have I got a deal for you!


This response made my fucking day.



Off to work now. Will gladly resume this selling madness around 9pm EST.

But for now…

Tired of that cute little bunny eating and pooping and eating and pooping all day long?
Well you’re in luck!
Here I have two healthy, F E R O C I O U S, fish killing monsters known as … SLIDERSSSS.
Trade for 2 today!

(Only men and women ages 12 and older may apply. Only young male rabbits may be issued in trade. Please keep all limbs away from SLIDERS in case they enter ATTACK MODE. Original owner not responsible for future actions or any injuries or deaths caused on account of SLIDERS.)

This is the absolute best titled thread nyspeed has ever seen

Free bump I guess

You live on E.R?

This thread made my lol all over