Yah Last Child support Payment !!

Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday…I’m so glad that this is
my last child support payment. Month after month, year after year, those payments!
So I called my baby girl, Ashley, to come over and when she got here, I told her, “Baby girl, I want you to take this last check over to your mother and tell her that this is the last check she’s ever going to get from me, and I want you to come back and tell me the expression that’s on her face.”
So my baby girl took the check over to her mom. I was really anxious to hear what she had to say and what she looked like.
As my baby girl walked through the door, I said, “Now what did
she say?”
“She told me to tell you that you ain’t my daddy…and watch the
expression on your face”.


funny if it was true i would take her to cort and get every cent back

I wouldnt think its possible to get the money back :rofl:

that would suck

why not? they make you owe back child support!

that actually happen to me, i was paying child support for a kid that wasnt mine.

did you get it all back?

Not in PA. Once you make a payment, you are assuming responsiblilty. My ex-husband made payments to a former girlfriend for 2 years before he heard rumors that he wasn’t the father and had a paternity test done. Not to mention, they don’t usually force single mothers to pay money they don’t have anymore.

On a similar note, stepfathers can be sued for child support in the event of a divorce for kids that obviously aren’t biologically theirs.

Fucked up state we live in.

glad im in the WV!

Exactly. The sheep can’t sue!!! :smiley:

LMAO!!! :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:

sweet 18 is legal ahahahahahahahah

get it right… emu