Yankee BBQ in Hamburg - OUT OF THIS WORLD

It just melts, you can cut it with a spoon or just lift it up and it falls to shreds. This brisket is the best I’ve had since I went to Texas. Cheap too!

this the joint: https://yankeebbq716.com/

@Onyx_Z32 we need to try this place.

The brisket will melt, I’m going every Friday for lunch, new work tradition.

They only serve between 11am-7pm but close early if they run out of food

Damn I’m down. That’s not too far either.

I’d be down to meet. I don’t think I’ve met another member since I used to inspect everyone’s cars back in the day. I remember Newman and John Donovan rolling up in the Elise and that 9-10 sec BMW back at the Valvoline on French and Union lol Newman gave me a couple tips on my home work while I was there.

Shit 13 years ago lol

Place looks legit, too bad I am really never in that area, especially around lunchtime.

You inspected my supra once or twice too at that valvoline, good times!

My first and only ride in a Supra! I will treasure it forever.