Zepish is back!!

haha not like anyone missed me lol… been working a few back to back 12 hour shifts so havent been on alot and today sat and sunday im moving to my new apt so i might not be on for a day or 2 cause of the internet switch… so dont miss me to much… i hate moving and blades a sell out!!!

did a 24 hour shift so **** this im going to bed!!!

lates dudes haha… ill be on later

hhavve funn haha


^ better question, how the **** did you survive a 24 hour shift?

ya? how can one work for 24hrs.
damn thats a long shift,
hope the weather is good when you move.

lots and lots of coffee to keep himself up :S

Wow…Looks like someone is in need of redbull…lol

that noob slept til like 4 or 5pm today claims he would wake up at 2pm so i dunno. Maybe he work 12 hours one day the went home got some sleep for liek couple hours then work the other day for 12 hours lol math 12 + 12 = 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

you shud get an award for bein the greatest mathematician!! haha

i know imah genius… "D

What is a Zepish?

guessing its Zep but not fully zep there for its zepish.
ex.when i say im going to meet up with someone at a certin time, say 3pm il say il meet you at 3ish… since i wont be there exactly at 3 but around 3.
so for Zep. he is busy with his new baby and his new place that he’s not always going to be on but he sorta is, therefore he’s Zepish… haha.

^^^ Good answer.

Now what’s a Zep?

haha, you do 24 hour shifts by finding a good hiding place for sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:

Not very interesting, but:

^weird… french comic books, alright!!! :confused:

Ricky’s fave? Who knows.

“Titeuf, which is very popular in French-speaking countries.”

im sure he does like it, TITeuf

lol my bf sleeps at work all the time

Dude, who made you work for 24 hours? That’s crazy, and illegal (unless you have an exemption i.e. EMS, dispatch, etc.) Unless you were making mad money (and I hope you were,) you need to find a place that lets you sleep occasionaly.

Unless you are working for yourself. Then it’s all understandable :slight_smile: