Zilvia Specials - US Shipping???

I have a couple threads running on Zilvia right now with some pretty epic pricing on 240sx, 350z, G35 gear etc. etc.

Anyone is welcome to the same prices so long as i’m shipping in the continental US.

Engine Stuff

Suspension Stuff

Those are some epic prices.

I wish I wasn’t selling my 240. lol

Is that pricing after you put your dirty hands on them, or after?

guys, you can only have those prices if the items are shipped in the US.

once i bring it into canada is has customs, taxes and shipping and my time costs added to it… that’s why it’s more expensive up here.

if you have a US PO box or address i can drop ship to you for the prices in those links. If you want it to you in Canada you have to deal with me direct and pay Canadian pricing.

Do you have an RB25 screamer/downpipe combo?

actually… yes i do

Ontario residents can look into CBI USA, literally 4 ms from teh rainbow bridge- for their parcel pickups. Great serivce and rates.

Nice prices Bing.

Hey man i only have one of each of the rb items so act fast