03 z06 track day build - #boughtnotbuilt


Awesome man!!


After looking, It appears the CSCS Super Street Rear wheel drive record for TMP is 1:17.xx. I could probably break that with 315 hankook ventus TD’s. I would for sure place top 2 in the event. Anyone want to buy me a set so I can go upset the point chasers?


This thing sounds nasty. They added a new tire rule for 2016, and 295 is now the max size for SSRWD:

4.4.2. All Super Street Class vehicles are to run the series specified PirelliTrofeo R tire.


What a ridiculous tire choice. $368 a tire plus shipping. Shit like that is a good way to push people away


love the sound of those brakes. Scariest thing ever was going out with an instructor on the back roads near Watkins Glen with Stop Techs on his Z06. Doing 80+ about 100 feet before a stop sign and he spikes the brakes-my spine and stomach touched it stopped so hard.


Race Render is free if you want to make some cooler videos with a GoPro + data logging



I will once I remember to actually take my gopro. Last Sunday I had it angled wrong so the spot metering was setting the exposure off the black dashboard. Forgot the camera home on friday.


Awesome, this is why I should of got a corvette!

I should be able to have fun with my pig of a car, 05 GTO. Just need to do some coil overs, and probably bushings.


@JayS can give you pointers for tracking a GTO.


The GTO was a lot of fun out on a road course. Biggest issue I had was finding brakes that could stand up to hauling 3800lbs down from 120mph repeatedly. Carbotech XP12’s worked great. Definitely need to replace the stock radius rod bushings with something more beefy, I’d recommend the Lovells ones.


I appreciate you hooking me up with those brake pads!

Yeah next year i might mess with the gto suspension, probably bc coilovers, car has radius rod bushing not sure which ones.


Pussy. I had stock pads on mine at Watkins Glen. 140 down the back straight into the bus stop the first time was ok, second time resulted in me having to go straight through it.


I was gonna say, I did stock brakes at Dunnville and got 1 hot lap before the pedal went right to the floor at the end of the back straight and I had to shoot through the gap between the cones while frantically pumping the brakes. Thankfully the config they were using didn’t use all of the back straight. I spent the rest of the day running the car about 5/10ths and still ended up driving home downshifting every light with the backing plate scraping the rotor.


Yeah im gonna stick to auto cross this year lol


Auto cross is as much fun as a day without sunshine


You don’t like standing in a parking lot picking up cones all day?


Way more fun to stand in a parking lot next to your car drinking coffee. Heh.

But seriously, autocross would be great if 5 minutes of seat time didn’t cost you $45 and most of your Sunday. I enjoy the actual autocrossing but quit going because my free time is limited and I just didn’t feel like I was getting enough entertainment value for the amount of time it took up.


Did a 2 day event at WGI in the middle of june. I had some gopro issues so i didnt get any video. I also had some braking issues so I never really got comfortable with the car. Ran a 2:16.2. This may seem relatively quick for a street car but with the repave, its really not.

Got a video of me drifting the boot.


The ABS computer failed spectacularly after that. Need to send it in for repair. It appears that someone has cracked the seal in the past and moisture got in.

Spent this past weekend at mosport with the NNJ PCA. It was definitely interesting running a high speed track without ABS. I don’t use traction control either so that wasnt an additional issue. Ended up with a 1:37.64 as my best time.

Mosport is very difficult to handle mentally. There are a couple of high speed blind turns. It took me a while to train my brain that it was ok to drive over the edge of a cliff without slowing down. Never really got it 100%. It was a lot easier to do in the miata due to the lower speeds and grippier tires. Im definitely still scared of the speed on the back straight. I’m going 139mph when i break the crest, the car gets light, and that’s right into a braking zone. Without ABS, its questionable. I had an off there on day 2 that made me question how much speed I was willing to take into there. I found it was quicker for me mentally to go in a few MPH slower but carry more speed overall. I think a couple more sessions and I would have had it down.


Overall ive been really happy with the car. I think I’m running respectable times knowing that im only on 275 star specs on all 4 corners. Most corvette guys run 315’s or hoosiers. This is my first RWD car with power, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. The car is very predictable in oversteer situations and I have no trouble “staying in it” to keep it going in the right direction.


Mosport is a challenge for sure. Turn 2 is definitely a hope and pray the car sticks sort of turn.


Mosport looks like a blast to drive.