04 gto

time has come…

alot of u guys already know my car…

silver,lowered,new toyo tires,dvd player,slp long tubes with full slp exhaust,cai,tuned,wet kit,and will come with 2 99 percent new nitto drag radials…roughly 470 whp on spray

car has 68k miles…

im taking serious cash offers…ill start it at 14250…obo…serious cash offers please

Why are you selling?

time for something different is what im told.

Do you own/work for some sort of landscaping business? I’ve seen a VERY loud silver GTO dropping flyers off in my neighborhood before.


Me too, now that I think about it. haha

yes its my sealcoating business…so im sure u have seen it…

im selling cause yes i have a deal worked out with another car…he wants to do a cash deal but will take my car on trade…so i threw it out there…

its been 12.0 on spray and 13.0 all motor…car runs very well…

Great car! Good luck bro! I’m sure its worth every penny of what he is asking.

i will work price some if someone is serious

nice car and a great price. Goodluck

oh and heres my bottom prices…13200 with out radials 13500 with radials

man, id love to buy this… But cant afford it just yet. Good luck with the sale. I saw it at the valley earlier in the year and was very impressed.

Nice car, owner is a douche thou! :slight_smile:

Seriously guys, great deal here!

want to get rid of the DRs seperately? what size are they?

Failed to mention that it’s a 4L60 car! Good luck selling that thing Greg!

wtf does it being a 4l60 car have to do with it anything…

drag radials are 275 40 17…yeah id sell em

I think he was just saying it’s good to know if it’s auto/manual. Don’t rage on me!

the way its said it sounds like hes putting it down lol…especially with the good luck selling after

DRs = MINE! Thanks man, & good luck with sale & whatever comes after this one!

no prob…i hope thos e things help that cobra get down the track

suchhhha bad time to try to sell cars… but GLWS