'06 Custom Turbo RSX-S dyno results

I finally got around to dynoing my RSX after street tuning with a well-known member over at ClubRSX. Here is what I have done to the car:

2006 Vivid Blue Pearl RSX Type-S


Stock internally from valve cover to oil pan
JVTR racing log manifold (had a revhard but broke a bolt off in it)
Precision SC6162S turbocharger (.70 A/R compressor side, .63 A/R exhaust side)
Revhard chargepiping/intercooler
Honda RBC with karcepts adapter (06+ civic SI intake manifold)
Injector Dynamics ID1000 cc injectors
Custom pushloc -6AN feed/return lines
PowerRevRacing K-series fuel rail
Aeromotive compact FPR
Synapse BOV
Synapse 40mm wastegate
Synapse boost connect vacuum hoses
custom 3" downpipe/testpipe (Fade2Black @ clubrsx)
Skunk2 Megapower 76mm R exhaust
Custom 4" intake/Amsoil dryflow filter
NGK BR8IEX plugs (switching to 9s soon)
CC Stage 4 6puck sprung clutch
Hondata boost solenoid
Hondata K-pro
Autometer gauges/a-pillar gauge pod

BC N+ coilovers
Ingalls camber kit
Rota Torques 17x8" +48mm offset (+3mm spacer in rear)
Megan c-pillar bar (for camera mount)

didn’t really mess with show too much on this car, was more interested in turboing it. Anyhow, here is my graph and video to go with it.

IMW didn’t do the tune, just rented me the dyno. Magnesium over at club-rsx did the tune if you’re interested.

here is the video I made.

[ame=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgJwJ2IkVQg”]YouTube - 2006 Turbo RSX-S Dyno[/ame]

I was happy, hoping for 400whp and ended up plenty more. Car feels awesome on the street. Now I need to find a way to get a ep3 tranny to work with the 05/06 high frequency VSS.

pics of the car:

very nice! what psi?

my bad! it made 14.5psi at spool up and dropped down to 13.5psi up top. My guess is the filter was probably choking it slightly, however, it basically made 417 on 13.5psi, so I’m very happy with that.

i had that exact turbo on last years setup, i liked it but it dropped off hard after 23-25psi. Thats pretty much its sweet spot. Decent all around turbo tho.

Awesome job. The last gen RSX has been one of my favorite cars. When I bought my Mazda3, it was a toss-up between that and the RSX. I got the 3 because it was a wagon/hatchback and I wouldn’t have to get rid of it when I have kids. There are still a lot of times that I wish I had bought the RSX though.

You shouldn’t. The 3 chassis is far superior to the DC5 chassis in every way, motor excluded.

Great results on the dyno! Looks good.

Congrats again, Robry. That’s a super fun car. I’m still amazed how smooth it is.

Thanks guys!

nice numbers !

good stuff.

makes me wanna build a K… CRAP.

whats with the big bump at 6500…

intake cam rotating backwards some. We could have smoothed it out even more but you’re talking about the cam rotating like 5 degrees over 1000rpm. log manifold doesn’t flow like the sidewinders, so you pull back the cam angle some up top, helps the engine maintain torque better.

How much in all do you have in to that kit

when I say kit, I mean everything you pieced together.

I thought the same thing after riding in this thing. Especially since it’s stock block. I imagined that setup in my wife’s Fit. haha.

enough money is all I’ll say. I could have always went to a sidewinder, but that leads up with a bunch of other issues (creep, relocation of shit, etc)

lol that would be insanity.

Looks good!!!

I liked nicks setup. I was shocked that his stayed together.

gee thanks lol…

nice number and car!

thanks guys. might get to the bench racers annual, dunno if I’m gonna have slicks for it though.

Just curious. I decided to go with the Swift Racing kit and then I will base future upgrades off that. Im 2 weeks into the build time hopefully will have the kit in 2 more weeks

which swift kit are you getting? the DIY one? still pretty pricey. I think I spent around 7g’s on the turbo setup and supporting mods, minus k-pro/suspension/wheels/tires/etc.