1 Down, 14 left [Veyron Crashes Into Lake]




He should’ve activated his car’s wings and flew away.


What an idiot.


Meh, people go off the road all the time. This guy just happened to do it in a 1.6 million dollar car. He didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t blow a stop sign at 90 and kill 3 other people etc. Chances are if you can afford a 1.6 million dollar car and you’re actually driving it out on public roads not storing it in some climate controlled museum it’s just a car to you. Call insurance, laugh about how much your rates are going to suck (because again, you bought a 1.6 million dollar car, are insurance rates a big deal to you) and get another one or something else.


i like how they never took the car outta gear to tow it out. also the chain snapping was good.


Whoa, why on the defensive?


It’s just dumb because so many people on here have wrecked cars doing stupid shit but have no problem calling this guy an idiot.

When you really think about it, the guy that wrecks a $5000 Neon that is all he can afford to drive is making a much bigger mistake than a guy driving a Veyron. Paying the deductible and increased insurance is going to hurt for the Neon guy, while Veyron guy is going to laugh about it at the country club while he gets ripped on by his rich buddies.



I hate when people call someone an idiot for making a mistake just because they are wealthy. Think about how many actually retarded accidents don’t make it to national news. These people make mistakes too.

Also, I can only guess how much it would be to rework the engine, but other than that, it’s very very fixable. Like those carfax ads…FRESHLY DETAILED INTERIOR!


Shit, he probably had his Bell 212 pick him up at the accident site and was in his beater CCX by the afternoon.


Well said JayS.


He’s dumb because he wrecked his car on a straight dry road while talking on a cell phone.


He’s dumb because he wrecked his car on a straight dry road while talking on a cell phone.

Don’t get livid at us for calling it out, vent your frustration at the publisher.


Damnit, that burger punk! That son of a bitch!


Bro, did you ever drive that monster? Why are you calling him dumb? This is not your honda shit box V2 powered sled.


A pelican went in front of the car and he swerved. So it may not have been complete inattention.

Are you going to try and say that you never drive while talking on your phone?


Judging by level of hating, I think he rides a bus and has a wired home phone.


Anyone think he staged the “accident” to get insurance money.

Sounds like bullshit to me…


If he’s driving a $1.6mil car, I doubt he’s going to see a whole lot of benefit from that.


if the intake is above water it would be to his benefit to keep it running. With the engine running it would keep water from filling the exhaust, turbo’s and cylinders (which ever of the 16 had their exhaust valve open) and destroying the engine. If it was running for 15 min the intake was definitely above water. I wonder if it shut down or if one of the tow truck guys shut it down thinking it would be better to let the engine fill with water.


Who ever wrote that is retarded. You dont need skill to drive a supercar down the street, you do to push a supercar to its limits or even drive it aggressively. If it was a tempo are you going to talk about how the guy didnt have the skill to drive one, especially on the phone?