1 Down, 14 left [Veyron Crashes Into Lake]


LOL @ me being a “hater” because I called someone an idiot for wrecking their car on a straight dry road while talking on their cell phone. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of car this was, I would of thought they were dumb either way.



So your body doesn’t react to circumstances such as a giant bird heading toward your windshield? You wouldn’t swerve if suddenly a dog jumped outta no where in front of your car?


We can split hairs here all night over this but I don’t want to… I still stand by my opinion of the driver and that’s that, think of it as you will.


Probably don’t talk on your cellphone while driving cuz your ass is too poor to have one. ^ :slight_smile:


i hate when people stand up for wealthy people for what is seemingly only out of karma points from the wealthy guy karma fairy. :slight_smile:

anyone who talks on their cell phone, sees a pelican, is distracted by a pelican so much so that they drop their phone and then chase after their cell phone, drive off teh road so much so that you hit mud and then somehow end up 100ft into a 2ft deep lagoon is pretty much a moron… maybe not overall, but certainly at that moment.

just hit the damn pelican… never swerve for animals… ever… always hit it. If it’s a big ass moose… hit the brakes and try to hit it in a way that doesnt make it fly up on the car… thats the only time you dont stay the course.

swerving is always a bad move.

also, don’t double post Veyron videos because someone has always already posted them


pelicans will fuck your shit up if you hit one while driving


so will driving into a lagoon :picard:


The guy had an accident. I’m pretty sure no one on this board knows him personally, so stop being an asshole and making generalizations about the guys intelligence/character.


Why is everyone so defensive about this dude? Haaa.




I am going to say +1 for insurance scam seeing how he left it running to finish it off.

Maybe he lost all his money in bear sterns stock and needs to pay his bills?


If I drove a car into a saltwater lagoon I would leave the damn thing running too. Make sure insurance totals it because I wouldn’t want it back “fixed”. But if I had the cash for a Veyron I guess I wouldn’t care.


So, most of you defending him are saying that the same care is expected of someone driving a neon, and someone driving a Veyron? Are you all CRAZY? There are way more than 15 neon’s in the country, and as an enthusiast who will probably never even see one in person, yea I hold him more accountable than someone who wrecks a a POS.


Like I said, if you can afford it and you actually drive it it’s just a car.


Because… :skunk:


That’s fine, but if you are going to go out and buy an extremely rare car I think it’s fair to expect more out of him. Whether he bought it for status, performance or whatever he definitely went out of his way to end up with a Veyron. This isn’t an E class, AMG, or high end BMW that anyone with money can get. This is in a totally different class even for the wealthy. The waiting list should say enough.


Yea, but to him its like driving around a high class bmw on the money status, so who cares what he does with it. At least he had the balls to drive it on the street and not let it sit.


I don’t care what ANYONE says. That car is special, and means something to anyone who drives it.

We are not talking about even a “measly” $250k Ferrari here…This thing costs 1.5 MILLION. Like others have said, it’s also something you probably need to jump through a million hoops to even get.

That guy likely did not just walk away and not care about the car…Although, I bet he’s got something up his sleeve to get another one.


Or just go on ebay and buy one



Would you guys like one or two? They’ve got a couple posted up for insta-purchase Buy It Now!