1 Down, 14 left [Veyron Crashes Into Lake]


$1.6 million and it doesn’t have hands free or bluetooth built in? :slight_smile:


No god damnit, it’s super duper special and you have to spend years trying to acquire one. Once you have one you should treat it like it’s the only one ever made because if you ever wreck it internet fanboys across the globe will hate you. :wink:






they’re on ebay? I would think it would be a bit more exclusive than that




get that amex black ready


Me too, but apparently not.


I wonder if that guy on ebay will accept my $50.00 offer for his car.


I’ll go halves with you.


I kind of want to make a 500,000 offer


In this economy I’d be scared he might accept it. :lolsign:


Wow the one actually has a bid on it. I would think when dealing with that kinda money you just go there and negotiate a deal. lol


Well I did a search and didn’t notice before posting…


But yes… WOWzers



There ya go, he’s a fucking dumbass.







Oh man, talk about getting the right vid at the right time!


too bad someone didnt get a certain vid of a certain car going through a certain tunnel… :nono:


“I’m pretty sure that’s a lambo.”


Also, pelican not found. Wonder wtf really caused this now.