1 Down, 14 left [Veyron Crashes Into Lake]




i cant believe someone caught that… holy crap.



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A police report, made public Friday, lists House as the driver and owner. The pelican caught his eye as it was quite close to colliding with the car, House said. House never said he was using the cell phone at the time. Dropping it added to the distraction just enough, sending the front passenger wheel off the road and into the soft, sloppy, muddy shoulder.



x2 What incredible timing!

UPDATE: Thanks to some great follow up reporting by the Galveston Daily News and their sister paper, we now know the man is Andy House of Performance Auto Sales in Lufkin, Texas. The shop, ironically, specializes in repairing wrecked exotics. We contacted House for a comment and here’s what he said


That wasn’t a sudden swerve as to dodge an animal, that was a rather slow drift right into the water! Like a man looking for his cell phone and not at the road. If he did hit a pelican, it’s because he was off the road already, lol.




that video at least validates his claim… should help with insurance.

this is such a sign of the times…


Pled guilty, faces 20 years in jail.

House purchased the Veyron in 2009 for $1 million and subsequently had it insured for $2.2 million. On November 11 of that year, he drove the Bugatti into Gulf Bay outside of La Marque, Texas, to avoid a low flying pelican. Unfortunately for House, the crash was caught on video with no sign of aviary intervention.

House later claimed that he dropped his phone, causing him to lose control, but according to information presented in court, House purposefully ran the Veyron into the water and left the motor running, resulting in a total loss of the supercar.

Philadelphia Insurance later sued Mr. House for insurance fraud, and the lawsuit also claimed he attempted to bribe someone to steal the car and torch it to collect the insurance money.


$ cant buy brains…not in the literal sense of course, because you can technically purchase brains.


this guy was pretty close to pulling the scam off… without the video he might have done it.


Dame when did I buy a veyron

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Guy served 10 months, the car bounced around and is for sale for $300k.


Can you imagine the electrical repairs that thing needs. It’s over baby. Without a significant investment this thing should be turned into the world’s most awesome hot box.

Leave the wheels and shell, gut out the powertrain, have it flatbedded to Canada October 17th, be the first to clambake a buggati


Actually the video brings up the point that it could be sold as a shell for wall art and would fetch $100-$150k. That’s awesome.


just LS swap it.


There may be a slightly realistic chance someone would do that just to say they did