1 st cylinder not working!

Cyl 1 on Ka 24de does not work. Checked for spark - it’s there. Measured the injector voltage = 12v, replaced the injector. also replaced ecu and the ignition distributor. What’s left?

compression test?
leak down?
have you tried switching spark plugs and wires?

yea i had the same problem when i had a KA switch the wires it worked for me

Spark plugs, distributor and wires switched-same stuff( Compression seems to be ok as well. Wires look new. Could be that I installed bad injector again? Or the alternator does not generate enough power for all 4 inj to work? Or the fuel pump gives not enough press?

Got it done!:smiley:
, it was the injector again. measured resistance, the injector appeared to not conduct electricity whatsoever, instead of showing 15-20 ohms.