1972 Glastron GT-160

Well its time to go bigger and faster so i am putting her up for sale. It is a 1972 16’ Glastron and these boats are actually becoming valuable and very sought after. The motor is a 1974 Chrysler 140hp that runs very very strong, I have had it out about 10 times so far this year and it is a total blast. The boat also has a ski pylon. The motor pictured is not the one included that blew up last year. Looking to get $1800 b/o

The good: cool fast little boat and always turns heads.
ski pylon
Accurate ski lines included and a tubing line.

The bad: I just put this motor on it so it needs some simple wiring done
I shredded my speed prop for it (about 63mph) so now i just have a water skiing prop on it now.
Needs a buff to bring the fiberglass back to a nice shine.

Oh man, I always wanted one of these. Such cool little boats.

140 is a lot of power for that hull. What was it rated for?

Got any recent pictures, since these pics are showing a Johnson outboard.

The hull is rated for a 120 but the guy before me used seacast, which is like a cement and beefed the transom up really good. On a Glastron forum i am on there are guys running the mercury 2.5 litres on the back of these lol.

I am pretty sure the 120 and 140 are the same size block anyways. Likely just different carbing. (edit: I thought we were talking about johnson vs. johnson)

That boat is cool as shit.

SO SIQ, this would make a perfect little wakeboarding boat for my grandma’s camp.

:insert typical response: “If this is around in a month or so I will be in touch”… no but seriously let me try to figure this out.


Yea the blocks are the same just the variations of the carbs.Which is awesome because if you ever blow this motor up blocks are cheap!

yeah, and the blocks are disgustingly easy to pull off.

It is a really fun boat. If its still around in a month its all yours lol.

I would post this up on ebay. Lots of people are usually looking for solid GT-160’s.

That is the plan if I don’t get any bites

looks like fun, i want a boat so badly now that summer’s back… i’m hoping for one with a sail though :mamoru:

just to be clear you said it needs wiring done but you said you had it out this summer, so i’m assuming you mean you had it out with the old motor and it is not currently in working condition ?

Wow great looking boat, if I still lived at home I’d totally buy this from you.

It would be towed by my M3 :slight_smile: :lol:

that is awesome, I love it. I wish I had time and a truck for that.

No everything works great, but the gauges dont read anything. The only one you need to worry about is the gas gauge lol. Ask Golden the boat is quick just needs some easy work.


trailor included im assuming?

oh, fucking sweet then i read it as non-working so figured others might have as well :tup:

looks like fun, no where to put it in my yard though

lol if you would take payments i would buy it tonight lol

somebody is getting a great deal, but that chysler engine has to go

yep trailor is included, there is a bad ground and the lights stop working sometimes lol. I will fix that though

I will store it at my house right in the canal for ya!