1997 Plymouth Voyager

1997 Plymouth Voyager
161,300 miles
3.0 with 3spd auto
Green with “Death” colored int
Small exhaust leak (lazy repair)
Leaks oil from both valve cover gaskets
Very minimal rust for its age (NO typical strut tower rust)
Great for hauling shit, transporting sluts, corpses, rape victims, the chirren to school, ext.
Owned by my family since about 30k. Very up to date maint. I DD’d this for 3 years, and I wouldn’t hesitate to continue driving it, but I wanna hear you fggts cry about driving old BMW’s in the snow, so im gonna rock my E36. Call/txt (716)239-1928.


$1200 OBO






haha :tup:

this shit is legit :tup:


How many corpses/rape victims can it hold?

Im not much of an angry serial killer, therefore I haven’t really been able to see how many corpses can be stacked, however I have found that if your creative you can get at LEAST 8 underage sluts in the back and have plenty of headroom in the front for your pedo bear costume.

omg i cant believe you are selling this </3

if only this was purple I’d buy it right now. But it’s not. So oh well

Buy it and rattle can it lol

not the same, the purple ones came factory being extra fast and fly

GLWS PP :tup:

i’ve been in this thing countless of times and have driven it, it’s legit.

Look at all the registered sex offenders within a 10 or so mile radius of my house. How is this still for sale ??? BUMP just in time for Holloween :wink:

nicest strut tops on one of these vans that wasn’t in the showroom i’ve ever seen.

Yeah it was rust proofed for years. Made a huge difference.

I have never laughed so hard at a for sale thread.

how the fuck do your strut towers look so fresh?!?!?


its just iank, doing what he does, as he does it best


it smells super good inside. i’d buy it just based on that.

start your own BangBus? Profit?

Thats because i was in it, Just how I roll :cool: