2 Friends Killed at 7 Springs

Its a shame… 2 friends were killed this weekend in the fire at The Villages at 7 Springs :frowning:

I knew the 2 fairly well… Sasha graduated a year before me… I knew her all through out high school… and John Murt graduated with my little brother. They just started dating a few months ago. I was actually on a party bus with them both in December… what a shame… RIP u 2!

Stuff like this always happens to good people…


damn that sucks. I heard about that over the weekend.

RIP to them. Thoughts are with their friends and family.

heard about that yesterday. what a shame

Was that girl about 6’1 or 6’2"? If so, I remember her being a hell of a hooper down at BVA. I was dating a girl two years older than me that played and I remember going to a game and her just absolutely shitting on our team.


Edit - Nevermind, read the article on Postgazette.com and it is her. That’s a shame

yep. here is a better write up from the PG:


Yup thats her… I remember her playing in middle school. I knew her better and my brother knew John better. John was always at Frosty Mugs on Thursdays eating wings… gonna miss that. He was always in a good mood, never started trouble… and had some courage to go back in that fire after Sasha… risking his own life. He was a WVU grad and just got a great job. Its sad.

yeah i knew sasha she went out with a good friend of mine for a while. i heard about this last night. awful too hear RIP

Damn…heard about it today…what a shame

Sasha was my GF’s friend b4 she got into all those drugs and shit and she was my GF’S best friends good freinds, she is coming up from virgina for the funeral. You know Jodie walo?

Whos that?

I met her a couple times, too. That is sad. Brave of him to go back in after her also. rip. :frowning:

Nope dont know her. Im surprised for how small of a town Belle Vernon is that many of you on here know her. They both will be missed for sure.

brian issi

That is a shame. Sorry to hear about your loss.

To our PS pyros - always make sure the fire is out before you pass out!

haven’t talked to jodie in a long time

Sorry to hear.

what a shame

She will be up for the funeral then me and Trish are going down to Virginia for the weekend to her house in mid Feb, i will tell her you say HI

What a shame, sorry to hear about this.

That’s Brian’s ex that had the black Jetta? I remember her, she was a nice girl.

yep that was her