2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build


Long term you keeping it silver? Looks good


Thanks. Yup this is staying silver. Before final assembly the engine bay will be painted silver along with possibly the sail panel.


Coming along nicely, but probably going to slow significantly in progress with the new season of the bachelor starting :slight_smile:




You forgot the Moonshine. At least I’m good for something.



Parts are starting to pile up. Got the stainless v-bands for the manifolds, solid motor mounts, T6 flange(s), and wastegate. My 2.5" bends are supposed to be here Friday. Thanks to J&J for hooking me up on the Turbosmart 60mm wastegate (this thing is huge). I couldn’t find that perfect T6 flange I wanted (1/2" 304ss, tapped, w/ mounting tabs) so I’m going to make it out of these two.

I’ll be working on this Friday night and Sunday morning, and goal for the weekend is to install the motor mounts, hard mount the turbo, build the merge, start the front end chassis modifications, and cut the exhaust manifolds for the v-bands. We’ll see how smoothly it goes, haha.


So burnouts on Monday?


I’ll probably just be burned out with 1/4 of the progress I just mentioned :lol:


Do a burnedout, lol.



Not much to look at, but I got my modified lower radiator support tacked in. It’s basically a gusseted stainless 1.25" tube that buys me a lot more room in the front end, while allowing a lower mounting point for the turbo and saving the components for the bumper support and hood latch. The next step is to get that turbo mounted in there, which I’ve been playing with mounting positions (both the turbo itself and the mount routing). I wasn’t happy with it so I decided to walk away for a few days. Once it’s mounted, the fun part begins.


Looking good! Can’t wait to see a pic with that turbo hanging in there. Did you pick out a Rad yet? I actually run a pretty small dual pass unit in the Nova in it stays at 180-185*. Both outlets on the pass side made easier plumbing.


Thanks! I’m trying to figure out the rad. I’d love to find a 2" core with properly sized in/outlets. I’ve read that going from 1" to 1.25" made a big difference on similar setups, more so than core thickness. The 3" Griffen I used last time would work, but I’d love some extra room. Ideally I’d like to find a 2" rad with blank endtanks so I can place the in/outlets exactly where I want them, in the size I want them. (There isn’t a big selection of 2" Griffin rads). I really have to start doing some more research to see what’s available.


I ended up cutting and welding in different outlets in a griffin on the Nova. On the maro the rad has larger in/out and I used hoses with a reducer on each end. It runs even cooler than the Nova. Rad is probably 50% larger though.


I think that’s the best way to go, just placing the in/outs where you want them. If that’s the way I go, it’d be nice to eliminate the step of cutting/patching sections. I agree, I think people tend to go overkill with the size. My one big stipulation is to use the factory expansion tank. I had issues when I used an aftermarket piece. This is just simpler.


Factory expansion tank would be nice. I too have fought that setup before. If you can find the placement you like on a rad its quick to just hole saw em out wand weld in new outlets. Helped me setup the angle I wanted as well. There were off the shelf solutions but IIRC I saved around $350 for the 1-2hrs of work it took me.

Griffin will make it however you want FYI. They just charge a little extra.

Lastly I stopped having cooling issues when I started using nice sealed shrouds.


maybe I missed it , but I would stand that rad up straight and cut some of the support out for the room . gives ya a ton more room if I had my rad in and motor i woudl send ya the pix


When I dove into the fab of the setup, between my fab skills being rusty and just not having the time needed to put towards it, I decided to have Jay - Filthy Habits - fab all the turbo related plumbing, including the exhaust. Am I glad he did! Phenomenal work and I highly recommend him if you want high end work. The car is filthy and there’s a ton I need to do before the engine bay is close to being finished (including an engine), but here’s a few preview pics:


A lot of the good stuff you can’t see, unfortunately, but I’m very happy with everything. It’s very similar to my last build with several improvements. A little rundown:

-V-banded manifolds
-2.5" 304ss hotside with flex bellows
-Turbo is hard mounted to chassis frame with 1.75" tube, but is removable. Very slick setup that Jay @ Filthy Habits came up with.
-5" 304ss downpipe necked down to 4" aluminum exhaust from the k-member back
-4" aluminum exhaust over the axle with an aluminum bullet muffler and a single hidden outlet
-3.5" aluminum charge piping from turbo to IC. 4" from IC to TB. IC has v-bands and the TB has a Jodar clamp.
-IC has a 6" thick Garrett core, built by Chiseled Performance.

Once again, huge props to Filthy Habits. He has to be happy this mullet mobile is out of his shop!


that looks fucking fantastic

dear Jay,

come to california and plumb up a turbo for my next vehicle.




Excellent update :tup:


Looks great!