2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build


Someone makes a conversion kit to do this on new GM PCMs(C6, etc) it would be cool if it works on the F-body PCM.


cool build. :tup:

I saw a post about fabbing up the IC. Where are you guys getting the cores from? and what gauge are you using for the end caps?


Thanks for the complements and input guys, much appreciated.

Regarding the fuel, as mentioned I’m familiar with all the benefits and “basic” differences you get with the E85 vs. pump and C16. Kind of like Foureyed alluded to, I see a lot of regurgitated information from people who don’t have first hand experience with, so I really need to get some good research in to get some good firsthand information. I am very interested in the benefits, but I need to weigh all the more technical pros and cons.

FWIW, the last car had one tune for both pump for low boost and C16 for high boost. Maybe that wasn’t optimal, but the car ran great and lasted a long time. But that is definitely input worth considering and definitely a concern I had even last go around… being able to seamlessly switch between boost levels safely, and safely switching fuel types. I also noticed a bunch of deposits on the exhaust side after running C16. It sure did smell damn good though!

A flex fuel sensor sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know if I can incorporate that to the stock PCM. I’m pretty sure I need to keep the stocker in order to get the car inspected, but I’m still rusty on all this stuff. It’s amazing how much you forget when you get out of this stuff for a few years.

I’ve used 3 ebay intercoolers in the past builds and had great results, but given the nature of this build I’m thinking screw it, go big. Plan is to maybe buy two 3"D Garrett or Bell cores and weld them together, or a single 5-6"D core, and make some end tanks with 3.5" v-band in/outlets. The end tanks don’t look overly complicated to fab, just need to take my time to plan the angles and cuts so I don’t waste too much material. I have the aluminum sheet at work along with brakes, shears, plasma cutters and other cutting materials. I’ve seen some neat end tanks that curve and seam to disperse airflow more evenly that I’d like to mimic.

Here’s the car for the build. Got it in the summer of '13, started the boring part of the build last winter (thread here somewhere), and limped it around this summer on a mismatched setup.



Any mechanical shop that does heating and cooling will have a program that can unfold a rectangle to round transition to give you a flat pattern. It will show you the exact piece you need and lines on where to bend it. That will help you a lot with the end tanks. Or if you know someone that does cad they can do it also.

I design insulation covers at work and deal with weird shapes all the time. The one I use at work is great. Just punch in some dimensions and click OK.

This is the one I use.



http://youtu.be/hqvxKuDY6NA how I picture this build going

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Haha. And thanks Jay_g, I just don’t have the CAD program or experience to use that particular program. I’d love to be able to use that. Thinking about how to go about it, it’s becoming clearer to me how to go about measuring/designing the end tanks.

Good progress today, removed the entire exhaust, radiator/fans/hoses, some power cables, intake stuff, and other BS. More importantly, after staring at the engine bay and turbo size for a little bit, I found out how I’m going to make this work and make everything fit. I put a big emphasis on the hood latch, front fascia alignment, and structural integrity, and it’s simple enough that I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. Stay tuned.

I’ll probably have to resize these later… On the phone now.

Consumption recap: 4 tall 3O grape and diets.


Nice, how do you think a single 110 would be on the viper? Hummmm


Do it. I love that car! Great lines and color.


notsure I your looking , but I have a brand new set of wiseco forged pistons . there a 4.030 bore ,meant for a 6.125 rod and a 4.100/4.125 stroke . they have a -30 cc dish hardened wristpins , brand nwnever filed rings meant for boost. I decided to stay no2 and need to sell these .


If you want to sketch up what your looking to do I can do a quick view of it and send you a pdf of it laid out with dimensions. That will give you an idea of what it will look like and how much material you’ll need. I could even cut a template out of vinyl.


What a nice fella! I can’t wait to see how this one comes out.


I appreciate that offer! I might take you up on that when the time comes. Regarding the pistons… I’m not really ready to start buying engine parts yet, or exactly what the build will be. What are you looking to get for them?


650 I would sell em for . I paid over a grand for em when I had em built . just decide to stay nitrous


Not to bore with more fuel stuff , but the flex fuel sensor kit uses the GM sensor and then you can get a gauge (like a zeitronix) so you can read it. I’m not sure what kind of PCM you can use other than stock (like a haltech) but they will probably have flex fuel mapping.
Or just run e85 all the time and pump if you feel the need to take a 94mm turbo car on a long road trip lol.
After using e85 and seeing what it’s capable of and how much my car can be pushed vs pump gas (and can be done all the time) I would never go back.
Looks like a sweet build ! But I did like the blue of the old car :stuck_out_tongue:


And as far as the ethanol content changing, once they switch to e85 in end of March/April , it stays e85 until end of November.


Here is more stuff on the flex fuel



From reading around this weekend it requires changing out the PCM to a 2005ish truck/van PCM or running a slightly newer PCM and running a GTO OS and doing some repinning.


I’m all ears, thanks for the info. I started looking into it a little deeper last night myself and I’m really warming up to the idea. Only issue is it really makes my parts plan a lot more involved.

Does anyone know any place local to buy chrome moly tubing? We order steel for the shop at work every couple months, but I prefer to be able to see and touch it before I make a decision on what I want to use. Thanks!


We don’t usually stock it at Ryerson but I will check. What diameter? Klein and Samuel Steel maybe?


Thanks. I think we use Klein at work. Looking for probably 1", 1.25", and/or 1.625" x .065", as well as some .25" bar stock and plate. I’ll look into what our supplier has too.



Didn’t get a ton accomplished Friday night since I’m still trying to decide how I want to build this thing. Thanks for company goes out to JT76 who brought a nice bottle of Eagle Rare bourbon (good stuff). Got the manifolds mocked up before they get cut for v-bands, and also removed some items off the front end. Everything is certainly going to be a tight fit. I wanted to have a new look from the last build, but after banging my head against the wall I think that is probably the way to go, though with some improvements. I’ll probably pull the trigger on some parts in the next few days that will help get the ball rolling. I think this will start to run a lot smoother once the plan is in place.