2000 grand prix help!

i have a 2000 grand prix with the 3.1 liter. well the motor is about to go. so i would like to know if anyone knows if that is the only motor i can put back in it or can i go with the 3.8 n/a or the supercharged one? i have looked around on the web and cant really find a straight answer. i want a straight forward swap i mean if the supercharged one with fit if i swap things around ill do that put i just need to know what motors with fit with use of my old stuff. thanks need help asap. this is my daily

A 3400 SFI is pretty much a direct swap for a 3100. Just make sure you get an older 3400 I believe with vertical mount EGR on the upper intake. www.3400swap.com will give you the info you need. Mac has done this on his Grand Am and there is a big following of this in the Beretta crowd.

For 3.8 NA or S/C swap I believe you need complete wiring harness and different mounts, etc. But I’m not 100%. Your best bet is 3400 you can get them with under 50k for like $500-600.

you can swap the L67 into the car, the mounts and everything are the same, given you get one from a GP. you need the engine harness and the PCM from the SC car…OR You will need to get the PCM tuned for the different trans or change the transmission to the HD version

not sure what size rad is used for the 3100 but i know NA 3800 to SC are different, not enough to matter though. may be a different story with the 3100 though

the fuel lines may be hard to adapt to L67 fuel rails and i’m not sure of the pump differences either

you would need to run a L67 bin with the stock trans settings pasted in. that’s how i run mine

Its always better to get proper technical help in some matters as they are to complicated and as well end up being costly as well, better to get the modifications done from a well known person as he will have proper knowledge and will be qualified enough to do it.