2001 z24 Cavalier

I have a 2001 Z24 Cavalier: 2.4L/4cl, Silver, 57,000 miles, 2 door, power windows and locks, power sunroof, premium sound, cold air intake (original air filter also available), le manns racing tires, NEW wheel bearings and struts, new brakes, Interior in great condition, Factory kit.

$6,500 or B/O Contact Dan @ 716-430-5099

the price seemed really high to me so i went to KBB and checked it out. sure enough, you want $3200 more than private party party value in EXCELLENT condition. lower that price to $4500 and it might sell.


sounds like you owe alot of money on a car that isnt worth shit.

why do people finance GM vehicles?

first off, the car is paid off. secondly it is worth shit, oh wait i forgot it’s not another genaric pimped out honda hatch back. And it’s a great running car.

8500 for a cav?, im sorry but unless those racing tires are made of gold, good luck.

LOL @ 3200 above book value GLWS!!!

I looked at a Brand new 2004 z24 (same car you have) back in Jan 2005 for $8k. Now mind you it was 2 years ago but what I’m getting at is…well forget it. GLWS

And I dont own a honda so please no jokes

lol @ 8500

You are not going to get anywhere near your asking price, because it is high for the used car market in general.

Also, it is RIDICULOUSLY high for this market.

Hell, even dealers are asking less then you…




With that being said, $3500 cash? brother needs a new beater/DD soon.


add FS to tthe tiltl. drop the price 4 grand and thos LeMans Racing tires are the HORRIBLE

i hate to be the nit picky guy but you need a FS in your thread title

edit ^^^^^beat me to it

  • BRAKES… not BREAKS… (how did newman post and not catch that?)
  • Add FS
  • Adjust ur price…


i saw it. but was too busy lolling.

Price is right if it has a ls1,2 or 6 powerplant
Why was the wheel bearings & struts replaced??

cuz GM’s hate burnout mileage…

cold air intake, le manns racing tires

sounds like he was beating on his “race inspired” :mamoru: cavalier

words of wisdom

put it back to stock and drop the price 4 grand and you may land a sale :slight_smile:

there was a factory problem with them, my buddy works at a shop and replaced them for me because my warranty was up, there still a 10 year warranty on the new work

those are common problems on Jbodies, i had them both replaced on mine also.

i have an old school TO BOyZ intake for a z24 5-spd…
i’ll sell it to you for $400
( it had been dyno’d before/after to show a 13 hp at the wheels gain :D)