2002 BMW 330i

2002 BMW 330i
Heated seats
black leather
tinted windows
clarion speakers
12" alpine type r sub
400w amps for speakers/sub
Panasonic flip up deck. with gps!

Car recently had waterpump done.
Also has winter tires installed!

Front rotors for safety


does that seat have a huge rip in the ass?

sexy car. glws hostys

yessir lol.

new seat can be had for 100$ or so, or just restitch the current.

I can sew that seat back up for $220, takes less than 1/2 a day.

Would help with your sale for you to do it on your part rather than the buyer.

220$?! damn dude I can get a mint one from Euroguy for like 100-150$


Are you the guy whos been talking to my buddy about his red rb20 hatch?

how many kilometers?

220,000. ^^


real nice whip right here for the price, good u got rid of it at high clicks tho

how is 200k in 8 yrs high klicks?

yeah SRS^

Got sick of all the brown people who can barely speak english, only to say its too high kms and hang up.

bmws are too much of a risk, e46 are too popular. too much price fluctuation.