200ZR (AKA Z32 with RB) ----> RABBIT

Before I forget, you were telling me that your ex-gf put an RB26DETT in her Z31 and it fit perfectly.
There’s actually a car like that. I was just looking for it. Hard sucker to find but I got it.
The 200ZR came in Japan between 1986 and 1988 with an RB20DET which looks very similar to a CAxxDET. It only came in 2+2 models. I figure because the RB engine made it so nose heavy that the extra mass in the back would do better at properly distributing it. The RB20DET mounts/dimensions are pretty much the same as the RB26DETT so thats why it fit with no problems.
In my opinion this car looks better than the stock Z31s that we get here. In the pictures on the cardomain site the black honeycomb wheels are stock and the chrome ones in his second last picture are the aftermarket ones.

*EDIT: Mistake in Title. Z32 --> Z31

ah yes very nice. whats the power / general difference bettween the N.American and Japanese Z31 's?

kevburgler approved :R

damn, thats one clean looking car.

i like it alot.

If it’s a VG then I don’t think much is different than the Catalytic Converters.
I’m not sure what the RB offers over the VG in the Z31.
I think Nissan used more as a stepping stone to offer the Z31 with different displacements.
There was the 2.0 Turbochaged. 3.0(VG) and 3.0 Turbocharged (VG30ET)
As for power I have no idea.
I suppose the difference in name makes some difference too.
200ZR, 300ZX…
The first three numbers represent the displacement. The Z represents the type of car or Chassis (Fairlady Z or Z31) and the last letter is the option level. X in Nissan nomenclature stood for Luxary at first. The R probably stands for RB motor which could mean that the car was stripped down and offered the RB with nothing else but performance.
As far as I can remember Nissan had a performance directive with all of the ZR cars. But then that blows appart my theory as a displacement stepping stone for Nissan.
Who really knows anyway??

i wouldnt mind owning that ride for myself… :R

just got back from from Mean Street Speed and they had sooooo many Z in the shop. mostly old school 300zx and 200zx.

Are you sure 200ZX??? Was that a special special model???
hahaha Alex you crack me up.
Where’s Mean Street Speed?