2016 AMG GT

… Another car that’s cheaper than the current Viper :oj:

It’s supposed to compete with 911 Turbo but cost less. Twin turbo V8, 503hp and 456ft/lbs. I certainly looks great:


Looks like a BMW Z8/ Miata hybrid to me. Not interested.

Looks like a BMW Z8 / Miata / Jaguar F-type hybrid to me… gorgeous :slight_smile:

I cannot believe that is cheaper than the Viper… It’s literally 5 times the car.

I thought the these things were $150 - $250k…

Is this more or less the cheaper replacement for the SLS?

That interior…stunning.

Where are you seeing pricing released??

I read that it’s $100k, let me look back to see if I made that up, lol.

it would make sense to bring this in around that price… $15k - $20k more than a Z06 for something 100x more luxurious and .75x as performance oriented.

Beautiful and definitely Viper killer.

I can agree with you on the first part the price is very surprising, but you still haven’t responded to me in the other thread, how is this 5x the car??? It has TWO turbos on a V8 and barely makes any power, a V8 should put out this much without F/I. And next, its 150 Hp/Tq difference??

Beautiful?? Yes very

I’m not even a Gen V Viper Fanboy, but we need to wait for actual performace test results. LOL Viper killer? You could be right, but lets not jump to conclusions, considering the American Flagship car holds most records on your schnitzel race tracks.

The trolling is strong in this thread.

what other thread?

this compared to a Viper?

A viper is a cowboy / red neck super car. it implies a lack of sophistication and a total NFG attitude. That’s not a bad thing… it’s just a thing.

The AMG is a very refined and sophisticated car. Performance is only one factor that plays here. The level of trim, the service that comes along with it at the dealer. The type of chicks it pulls :slight_smile:

The viper pulls the kind of chicks you could pull as a low-level coke dealer. The AMG pulls chicks that can keep their coke habit a secret for a long while…




This thing is way sweeter than every viper ever all combined. How is that even a question.

Honestly I’d rather have a Ford GT

Going with what you said… the V8 n/a should produce the power a twin turbo v8 is doing. Who is to say this isn’t like your sack riding viper? Underpowered from the factory but able to take to a tune? Who is to say the manufacture isn’t putting something out reliable instead with numbers like that?

Also… AMG > Dodge anything

right… because that’s anywhere in the ball park of the cars we have been talking. I’d take the LFA, but who is talking that price?

yes but that car isnt even made any more and it’s double the price now.

i’d take a ford GT, sell it, get the AMG and buy a house…

bing, you have such a beautiful way with words. flat out perfect description lol.

whoa. i love it.

This is awesome. Glad the baby SLS ended up looking awesome with an absurd engine.