2021 Rally-X in Medina, Saturdays

Oh yeah, forgot to share.

Hey that’s like 15 minutes from me. Thanks - I may bring my boys for something to look at

I’ll be in the Sentra. We have a small group, so may be finished by 1:00.

Someone will approach you to make sure you sign the waiver…

I stopped by for 5-10 minutes just to see what the course looked like.

Didn’t see a sentra run, but it was interesting.

I must have left before anyone could get to me with a waiver :grinning:

I was working course. The mini was the most interesting car to watch anyways.

The guy in the BMW did not seem to value his car much.

I was not expecting what looked to be generally stock cars there.

Any videos or photos posted anywhere for this event?

I saw a camera and a couple gopro, but nothing posted.