3" Exhaust on stock header/cat?

I am in a delema. I don’t know if a 3" exhaust will fit on the stock cat and header. Im wondering if all i have to do i get a cat that will fit to the header nice and exhaust nice.

Im open to any suggestions or help that you may have.


I have left out some valuable info.
It is a lightly modified KA motor. (Intake, cams)

I had a 3" Bee*R that bolted right onto the (stock) cat, if that’s what you’re asking…

it should bolt right up… but really unless you are going to forced induction later on the max you need is a 2.5 inch pipe… itll still be nice and free flowing


the stock 2bolt flanges on our cars are huuuge. I managed to get mine on but it was tight.

even a 4 inch works

just slap the exhaust onto your stock cat. it worked fine for me :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for your help and opinions.

It cleared up my delema, and very fast i might ad. :smiley: