anybody have any experience with this car? My DD is on it’s way out and I had considered this as a replacement.
http://www.300mclub.com/index.htm Pro-300M
impression: “best damn car ever made, traded 4” off my penis for it, leaving me at a kak defiecit. well worth it"

http://www.mychryslersucks.com/index.htm Anti-300M
impression: “I’d rather get hemorrhroids implanted at personal cost than buy another”

looking for an relatively unbiased opinion from anyone who’s owned or worked on one before, especially in wny weather/roads.

They’re not bad. You have to be a little careful with the transmissions on them, but otherwise they’re pretty reliable.

Most of Chrysler is crap.

My take: Cheap flimsy build of an import, quality of a domestic.

There are so many other options for this catagory, like a Maxima/I30, Accord, Camary…

it’s an alright car… but yeah, there are other options I would consider.

It’s like driving a damn indiglo wrist-watch at night.

Test drive it for yourself and make your own decision. Personally, for the money I’d get something else.

Chrysler trannys all suck, especially on the 300M. Friend of my father had 3 trannys put in his all while it was still under warrenty.