300zx Caliper Brackets - 280mm > 314mm rotor

So about 5 years after actually having these done maybe i should put them to market?


These brackets allow you to go from a 280mm 300zx rotor to a 314mm rotor… difference of 1.33 inches… YIKES!!!

There are a couple guys on SON who have run these over the years. I’ve had a few sets sitting around and decided to have them installed on my Coupe last week… worked great and man the rotor is HUGE!!! They do fit under my 17" wheels though, some people thought you needed 18’s… that is not the case

I only have 2 sets of these brackets left… after they’re gone i will have another run machined.

$125 for a pair of brackets…

If you want nice cad plated, x-drilled rotors i can do them for $185… or rotors and brackets for $300.

I have one more set of rotors coming in stock later this week.

I’ll have pics of what these look like behind my dirty-as-shit CCW’s later today.

So i took a couple photos today and realized… tough to compare without an equivalent photo without the brackets…

oh well too bad for you.



Anyways, moves the caliper forward and down and ups the rotor spec from 280mm to 314mm which is considerable.

Also, ever notice had ugly dirty CCW Classics are? what a shit colour choice i made… gotta get them redone at some point.

Is that an OEM size rotor off of something? like VR4 or something? Or is it custom?


are those rotors for 28 or 30mm? I assume there must be an option for either

30mm, not sure if they work with 28mm

Send them to me, I’ll find out!

What are stock Silvia’s ?..

i have another set of rotors / brackets ready to go

So, I had a chance to meet up with Bing for some parts.

Thanks again,

FYI, I have 30mm Aluminum Calipers w/17 inch wheels. They are not scratched, just dusty.

It was a “working on the car weekend” so I decided to get these things on asap.


Little off topic: Do you need the 5 lug conversion for the 300zx calpipers and this bracket or can it be done with a 4 lug s13??

you’d have to redrill the rotors… which is pretty gay.


people are still 4 lug? i didnt think that was possible

i did another run of these brackets… not anodized, jsut raw aluminum awesomeness…

will longer lines be needed to work with these or regular z32 conversion lines work with em?

same lines… caliper doesnt move that far

interested in these, do you still have some available?

yes i do.

i do not have rotors in stock though

Those rotors are HARD to find.
You gotta stock those dude.

A friend gave me a huge stack of car mags and I was going through them the other day. One of the articles was a rear disc brake swap on a Fox and it said you could use mid 80s Lincoln rear caliper brackets since they were easier to find than TC rear caliper brackets and that the TC calipers bolt up no problem. Anyone heard of this or done this?