350z bose amp problem..

Hi everyone, i have read many articles about the 350z bose amp system where most times it will cut out the base when the audio pilot kicks in. i did some troubleshooting by taking out the sub amp and sub iteself. in my particular case i believe it’s something got to do with the amp as when the base cuts out and i tap the amp it will 99% of the time kick back in. i think mine or that amp is junk. so, what i am inquiring is does anyone have instructions to install an aftermarket amp keeping everything else stock? (would it be possible to find out what all the wires are in the stock sub amp harness and split/slice it accordingly to fit an aftermarkhet amp). or does anyone have a stock amp for replacement ?


You should be able to put an aftermarket amp using the stock lines for the input. You will still have to run power to your batttery but you can get everything else you need at the stock amp harness.

oh so the remote and ground wires can be taken right from the amp harness? if that’s the case that makes wiring so much easier. i’m not looking for a high end amp just something that would keep the bass on :slight_smile:
i assume we are both talking about the subwoofer amp (next to the sub) not the speaker amp that is in the trunk space?

thanks very much

Sorry i haven’t go through this problem ever.