3rd Annual Badazz Camping - July 8-10

Time for the first run up to badazz camping this year.

Its BYOB, tents and food. We have a big grill there, running water, electricity, and bon fire pit. We brought fire wood out, and we’ll bring more, if you have any to get rid of feel free to bring it too, we go through alot. There is a town with a grocery store not far from there in case you forget anything.

heres the deal:

The camper is in hidden hollow, which is in arkport, ny

from buffalo area
1-90east to the batavia exit #48
2-left on 98 for half mile
3-left onto 63 south
(veer right at split half mile down road)
4-take 63 south to 36 south

(at this point you will actually drive past the access road to NYI)

(36 south veers left 20a for one block, then goes right)
(stay on 36south)
5-take 36south to 390 south
6-take 390 south exit 4
7-turn right off exit 4 (you are back on 36 south, the 390 was to avoid slower town traffic)
8-take 36south to west street (signal light) (13 miles)
9-turn right on west st
10-going down west turn left onto bishopsville road (.5 miles)
11-bishopsville road splits left, take north almond on the right. (3 miles up)
12-hidden hollow on left hand side approx 5 more miles up the hill

-once in hidden hollow, go over bridge, then turn left and go all the way back, cars will be parked BEFORE the driveway! the driveway is hard to see as it is cut into the woods, makin our own chillin spot away from everyone…please park just outside of driveway to the right in the field so that every1 has room to come and go and not block up the driveway

the whole trip took us less than 95 miles (about an hour and 45 minutes).

(simpler-slower directions
broadway 20 to 63 south
63 south to 36 south
36 south to west street
west to bishopsville road)

We’ll post up a couple pictures and possibly a map later on. If anyone has any questions, just let me know. Last year I didnt get to have one, but the year before we had atleast 15 people throughout the weekend. I’ll be fixing the little moped we had, and people can feel free to bring out any atvs, etc they want to assclown with. There are plenty of trails and fields in the area

O yeah, its a real nice cruise for bringing the cars out, but if you do, there are a few changes to the directions. In mt morris, there are a few blocks of gravel road due to contruction, if you do not wish to drive though that, ill post up alternative directions. Also, the last 300 feet or so of the road leading to the campgrounds is a dirt road. If you drive over that, there is a bar you can park the car at, which I highly recommend instead of trying to drive over the bridge and directly to the campgrounds. Otherwise, Ive brought the 1LE all the way up there before and had a great time on some of the hills and turns.

We’ll be heading up on Friday after work, we can meet to get a cruise up. Sunday afternoon we usually head out. People could easily hit up NYI in the same weekend, as it is quicker to come to the campgrounds from NYI than it is to return home.

And Per Dan Marvin:
To avoid Mt Morris, just stay on 63 south past 36 till u p/u 390(ull see signs)this will put u on at exit 7 instead of 6, & run it to exit 4

I’m in.

Will be fun!

Not sure I can make it. If there is work to be done on the car, I can’t go in good conscience…

i be there

oooooooooooooooooooooooh snap

another wonna these :slight_smile:


this is the can’t miss party of the year…every year…

as long as the dirtbike is back :wink:

Man up son

oops…just realized…i won’t even be in town…

i’ll be in T.O. :snky: :smiley:


I will know by tomorrow if i can go.

oooo sounds fun, will there be games of grabass and such???