«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


We finally have a place to do this again :tup:

Date: Sunday, June 1st
Time: Noon -> ALL DAY (Free camping Saturday night if you want it)
Location: Chapel Hill Raceway, Great Valley New York
Cost: $10 per person paid at door / gate (might actually be less, for comparison Letchworth State Park is $8) Cost Includes admission, burnout area use & track use. Track use is subject to our discretion (tech, helmet, @MPD47 hate, etc.) and we will be picky. Burnouts can be by whoever driving whatever and will be on a designated pad.
Menu: Catered by track, drinks & beer. Alcohol / beer is also bring-your-own if you want.


[map]4716 Chapel Hill Rd, Great Valley, New York 14741[/map]

This is still in the planning phases but the date and location are set!

The track surface is AWESOME unlike other places in the area. We’re going to have drifting, lapping and even a few 70mph+ go carts out on track. Burnouts approved on the concrete (bring tires y0!) The facility will have food and drinks available, alcohol TBD. You can camp there if you want as well! The parking areas are mixed stone / grass, similar to Empire Raceway. The property is actually really nice and just outside of Ellicottville, NY.

Some pictures of this place:


(uploading more now)

Video of @MPD47 drifting here a few weeks ago:

Noteworthy pictures from @IanK at previous events when Jack jumped cars:



 @BOBBYGRV for dat insurance :tup:


Cool I’ll be in


More pictures. It was raining, but you get the idea:


Thanks for the action shot of me hard at work. lol :tup:

This place will be perfect for this event and everyone should be pretty pumped that Josh found a stellar spot for this (and hopefully future!!!) event(s)! The drive was super reasonable and the roads weren’t bad either.


I need to go to this. Spending too much time at work lately.



Sweet, I’m in.



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Looks like a sweet spot.
Info on gokarts?


The carts are owned by the guy who runs the place and I don’t know if he’d rent them out. We’re not talking about amateur carts here either. He said he’ll run a few that day as an exhibition.


You could combine this with STPR as spectating ends Saturday night May 31st. http://www.stpr.org/

Then looks like a fun road to get there.



His karts are serious. Not the type of thing I would want in the hands of Nyspeed regulars…

This will be a great time though. Awesome venue.


:tup: i have some 275s i can burn to the ground


Nice, never saw this place b4. My cabin is 20 min from here. Deff in.


How did I miss this. Funk my job is killing me. I am obviously in.

Does this replace the casino trip? We should still do the casino even if just for fun.


Nope. Just means it’s going to happen later in the season.


Sounds sweet.


I like where this is going.


4.6 miles from my cabin. i might have to turn this into a whole weekend.


I’d rather slide into grass and tires than the wall at Lancaster. :tup: