4/9/05 dyno day

well here are the details

date: saturday april 9th 2005

location: big shot dyno

time start: 10 am

price: 3 runs for $55
$10 for a/f
boost = no charge(they just added this )
they also check your maf for pegging

they provide pop, coffe and snacks

also, they have tables and chairs set up

let me know if interested

price sounds good …OH how far is the shop from pgh?

Maybe ill ride out. we’re fixing my car this weekend so it will be up and running.

YOu guys doin a caravan out there???

yea where’s this at? if i end up buying this del sol, i’d like to see where it is before i slap anything onto it.

stupid ?, but can you dyno a bike on a regular dyno?

how far from pgh? i might… go

Looked it up on mapquest. about 2 hours from Pittsburgh. Looks like south of cleveland

little more south of akron? i got to akron before in an hour and 45 mins

Isn’t there any dyno closer than that? 2hrs is a hike to just get dyno’d.


it took about an hour and 15 minutes from cranberry last year

theres a few. where in pgh you live?

right now there is probably at least 10 or more meeting at kripsy kreme in cranberry at 8 am on sat to hed over to ohio

this place knows how to put on a dyno day, they provide pop, snacks, tables and chairs

any more ?'s , let me know

he can not dyno a bike but he knows a place that can

give keith a call at bigshot for info

i may be out

man i would like to go, i really want to dyno the intake manifold swap i have for me and the rest of the quad 4 community, but idk if they would let me run it once stock, then put the manifold and shit on then run it. oh well maybe sometime this summer i will find someone local nice enough to allow me to do that.

ill just throw some numbers out for ya…

6WHP without
9WHP with


:doh: thats a good gain 1/3 increase in hp from just an intake manifold

yeah. in a percentage kinda way