55k miles 93 cavy

93 4 door cavalier

checking interest, 55k original miles on engine and body

stock of course, rust under the doors and on the front edge of the hood

old woman owned it and died

1200 bucks, oh yea 80% tire tread from what i saw

let me know if anyone is interested i’ll post up pics

otherwise i’ll register and drive it till it dies, but with 55k on it i think it could be a GREAT cheap daily !

oh yea, when i post prices u fucking bitches its FIRM

i hate this haggling shit i’ve already cut the price down for you,otherwise if i wanted u to haggle the price with me i would of said 1800 and settled at 1350

thats 150 dollars surcharge fee for pissing me off

Take $500?

nickalero2000 might wanrt it.

show himthe thread if it doesnt sell this week forget it

show him yourself

ok w/e lol i dont talk to the kid so w/e


Throw the pics up there. tdi is right, I’m curious :slight_smile:

k i might throw pics up tomorro i already have a really interested buyer for more than shift price

sold 1500 thanks for looking LOL

got it for 4 btw

4k? you got ripped off.

Don’t be so heartfelt with your grieving, okay?

LOL 400 dollars jack

hey its the cycle of life relax :tongue