570sx mosport update

So we had an event at Mosport over the weekend, first time racing the car there with the new engine swap…anyway lots of handling issues to sort out still…and the car needs aero in a bad way…best time I could do was a 95.218 lap which was 3rd fastest of the day.

if I can get the handlig issues sorted out the car has easy another 2 seconds in it…it was just washing out thru most of the corners…

and the nose at 250kph was so light at the end of the straight it was getting a bit silly… so aero must be had…time for a splitter…

tons of power for this road course…only 1 other car had me top end and only by a few kph… however the handling is now the limiting factor…so lots to sort out for the next races…


videos??? picss??? sounds nice tho but please we need some visuals!

What kind of speeds were the other cars seeing on the straight where you hit 250kph?

we had a wack load of differnt cars come out…some comparisons that I can remember

s13 240sx KA24e top speed 174kph
sentra spec v top speed 180kph
s2000 top speed 197kph
prepped firebird 255kph
camero 220kph
corvette c5 235kph

old mazda protege(i think it was a protege) 135kph

lol@ mazda protege.

Sort out the lil quirks (whats your setup? Arms? Coilovers? brakes? etc… braces? cage? list more) and you’ll whoop ass. I’ve been an LSvangelist for a while, def what i want to do (hopefully next year), its got more pros than cons 100%. Def worth it… Bunch of guys I know down in the states with the setup love it. Drifting and grip… just have to set the car up accordingly and work the lil quirks in the stock chassis’ and suspension’s weakenesses

There’s a great thread on Freshalloy from GSRacer on making a front splitter for an S14, and all the info directly transfers to the S13, I think he spent like $50 and it made definite gains. Just make sure you don’t create any aero imballances… Very awesome car though man. Very awesome indeed.

VID pls