7/24/05 Taffys, the usual

I’m sure most of you already know, just throwin it out there for people who haven’t been there yet


if the weather clears up :tup:

Iz gonna rain :frowning:

It’s rainsings:(

alot can change in 7-8 hours though :slight_smile:

^^ Word. Look at what happened last week.

i would like to go, but not sure if i can. if i take the 290 to the 90, what exit is it off? also, where abouts exactly is taffy’s and what time do u guys meet?

I usually get there around 9:30ish.

Taffy’s is on the corner of Southwestern & Union. So take 290 -> 90 -> 400 -> Union Rd. exit. Take Union South until you get to Southwestern and you’ll see it. It’s next to the Wendy’s on the corner.

if it’s right across from the Tops and Lowe’s over there, I have a satellite photo of the area. :snky:

nice pic

I’ll be there a little early i guess. Just did some work to the car, time for a tune now. It may still be burbling a little coolant when I get there (don’t laugh). I’ve been trying to get all of the stuck air pockets out of the motor for the better part of the day. How many cars usually show up anyways?

i might show up

ill b thurr, 2 bad without my car, maybe next weekend tho :slight_smile:

weaksauce :wink:

^ were you and woody at southgate till real late, if so I was that kid trying to skateboard haha :wink:

I think I saw Jack driving down union near cliton a little after 10?


yeah, i was there late. You should have introduced yourself.

union/clinton i was dropping off the gf so I could hang out with guys

If I wasn’t driving I would’ve… was going to jnj’s

southgate is smooth…

… but i should thrown the door open or something…