8/7/05 at Taffy's

Finally the car is on the road, like usual meet this sunday at Taffy’s… if weather conditions permit

see ya all there :slight_smile:

ok, see ya there!




maybe :wink:

meet at taffys at 8, cruise to mighty at 10 and then… XXXX :gotme:

i shall be in attendance

Yeah I’ll be there.

im riding in you kaa Juan

cant make it this sunday… i work

call me if u go i might stop up tonite

you wont go …you’re always MIA hahahahah

maybe ill hit it up

i’ll be there…so just go…but i won’t hold my breath… :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be there with the slow running evo.

pre-meet before Taffy’s at Southgata Plaza

8:30pm then will cruise down to Taffy’s

ill roll up, just got back into town. I’ll hobble there as I can’t boost my car without it going limp… ahh yess another hole in another hose YAY! At least its not coolant this time :frowning:

im there

boo for work