7/24 ECC-N Auto-x

I know a few people off here went there. Fun time got in 6 runs + 2 fun runs.

Finished 5th in novice in the turblo probe. Was quite happy with that, and had a couple of shitty drifting cone killing runs on the fun runs. :tup:

today was definitly fun…the course was a bit tricky at the first end…i felt like i was stearing all over the place until after the last set of sloloms…then i was good to go…i’m glad the rain held out for the most part!!

Def some fun, the ghia was fun to drive… too bad I lost a piece of cooling tin somwehere on the track. Gotta order me a new one up. If anyone has any piktures o tha ghia running I’d love to see em…

:word: I know someone snapped a shot of me taking the probe sideways on a fun run.

That thing survived? I’m impressed. :tup:

yea it survived and I only lost a piece of cooling tin on the Motor (That was not fastened with the proper ammount of screws) … which reminds me… Please anyone that was at the event read the note.
It was definatly a fun drive… The lack of PS didn’t hurt me 1 bit because the wheel is 3 turns lock to lock… so I was able to drive with only 1/2 wheel steering input. With it’s Roaring 70-75HP the back end was drift happy, but it was really only snapping straight, so I tried to use it to my advantage. I was happy w/ my times… I could have done better (but isn’t that only the time) but I hit my goal for the day, along w/ having fun, as well as learning how to drive a MR car, because all my experence is FF

notice / Alert.
If anyone has the L shaped piece of sheet metal that fell off my car, or knows where it went please lemme know. as I’d

so when is your car going to be back up and running? i need some competition :wink: hahahaha

Missed out again due to my car not running.

And I’m down for about another week at least.

a few people I know went, I saw some videos. Looks like a load of fun. However once again I wasn’t able to go due to working in a pool of grease in my garage :tdown:

Should have rocked the s-10! :tup:

oh man had a blast…i ran akvile’s TC in a fun run man that was fun ripping that thing around…also took a cobalt ss on a fun run thing has got some power…i dunno where i finished in novice but i think i am gonna jump out of novice due to the few competitors in STS

I think it became FUNNER as the rain came down :slight_smile: Potenzas suck hard in the wet. 2nd in novice, fastest run (53.165) was my second run :tdown: due to the rain, although I ran mid 53’s as the course got wet and my best run should have been one of the later runs if it were dry.

btw, anyone have pics or vid?

i’m sorry i missed it for one reason or another, sounds like it was a blast!

too bad about the rain… when is the next local? 3 weeks at NCCC?

August 14th, at Ntrip

There will also be an FLR event on August 7th at MCC. It is a smallish lot, but a pretty good surface with no light poles. The courses tend to be “pick your line” type of courses there with very little in the way of slaloms.