8/1 The filling station in Akron

Monday night is my 21st…woohoo…me and some friends r gona b getin waisted at the filler at like 930 or so…anybody wanna come is more than welcome…and Twizted u bets come i owe u a beer anyhow. :tup:

is this the place next to the train tracks? or am i thinking of another place?

iths the one byt tony’s pizza on main st.

its a fucking Monday night…

but I’m gonna try to make it anyways


ill try man

U best try

SORRY GUYS BUT THE MEET IS OFF!!! I went to work at the mall today to find out they cut me from the schedual and didint bother to tell me, so now i got no gas and no money so i cant afford to go out…sorry guys :tdown: x 92579023749

thats pretty gay.

does that mean they fired you?

go on a friday or saturday, my boys Dan & Mike both tend bar there! Tell em Mario sent you!

lol… i’ve been goin there longer than they have been tendin

LOL, is that good??

no, I have a gut where my belt used to be.

BTW - JEG - You fired or what?

no not fired she just had to rotate some ppl around and im a fill in so i didint get my shift. I thaught it was a normal shift every week…i was wrong i’reckon

thats gay.

you probably didn’t get a call either did ya>?

nope, i drove out there and found out when i showed up and they asked me why i was there…i was on time too (for once).