8/2 Mighty Meet

Yeah okay I know it’s Mighty, but since I wasn’t able to make it up to Taffy’s i’d really like to eat some Mighty and see everyone before I leave :slight_smile: Holla back y0 :slight_smile:

no go away :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :stuck_out_tongue: shutup

Oh yeah, I was thinking around 9-9:30 for the meet time :slight_smile:

mighty is GAY!!! :slight_smile:

but i’ll be at work…so that’s a no go for me

^ Oh you never go you’re always busy! LOL

^^…yea i’m usually busy working till midnight …lol


i have some mighty sat night :):slight_smile:

maybe soem taffys saunday night too :):stuck_out_tongue:

With any luck Super-Beater™ might be back on the prowl again tomarrow. So I might show up with some others. :tup:

If it doesn’t rain I’ll be at the track… maybe next time :slight_smile:

Oh shit forgot about that. Doh!

word that late night drive through is the shizzo, though.

No because you hate me now :frowning:

uhh sure

im working til midnight as well…wont be able to make it…though i havent had mighty in forever…i kinda want some now, lol

:\ turnout is looking if’y people, we’ll see…

i’ll swing by and see if anyone is there

Eeek… rain is threatening.


isolated t-storms all night

I may stop by… with the twin carburated red beast.

:snky: :snky: