9/30/05 OLP in Albany

Would anyone be up for making this a roadtrip? I just seen it announced today, its at Clifton Park (NY Northern Lights) and tix are $18. I know theres a few other OLP fans on here…let me know what u guys think.

if it wasnt a 4 and a half hour trip, id definitely be going to see them

yea thats why i figured if we got a group together it wouldn’t be so bad :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise i don’t feel like goin that far haha

like you have to ask me

except i plan on being in new haven, CT on the 28th to see them there as well too :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i should’ve known :stuck_out_tongue:

u don’t happen to have any of the new cd yet do u? i’ve only heard the one song they’ve been playing on the edge, if there was a leak you’d be the one to ask haha


northern lights is a cool little venue, been there a bunch. I’ll actually be moving to Clifton Park the day after that…

I live not too far away from that, so if anyone decides they want to go, Ill go, just dont like going to events by myself