A/C question

My passat A/C doesn’t work when the car sits still for a while. If I am moving anything over stop and go rushhour traffic it works fine. Does this sound like the Compressor, or just in need of a re-charge? The car is a 2001 and it sounds to me like it’s re-charge time.


just take it to norm.

I don’t have time to leave the car for a few hours during the work day, so I’ll try to figure this one out myself.


dimished airflow over the radiator + compressor rotating at reduced speed (idle) = poor heat exchange. I have never had a car that had good ac while stationary.

mine doesnt either. good point newman.

X…atleast call him and ask him.

True, but this is worse than normal. With any normal A/C setup there is at least some cooling when stationary, with this there is none at all, but plenty when moving.


if that is the case, could it potentially be a slipping AC clutch?

Possibly, I’ll have to check that one.


it only costs like 20-30 bucks for a recharge kit and takes a couple min to do.