A/C, rising coolant temps, and me

So whenever i drive around and it super hot out (83+) I sometimes roll with my A/C on.

Now, problem is, whenever I am in slow or stop-n’-go traffic, my temps start to rise. Not quite “overheating”, but they ride up over the halfway point between the normal operating temp and overheating…

should I just not worry?

or perhaps it is something else…

I would be very worried!!!

thermostat stuck part way open ?

air in the system ?

FAL fan setup. Slimline with bracket. Or a bigger Radiator. From what I remember, you had to eliminate one fan to make room for your turblow. If you absolutley cannot fit a fan there, you really should get a bigger radiator. Also you FMIC blocks it from air.

What I figure, is that my FMIC is blocking air. I have replaced a puller fan with a pusher fan (which also may have something to do with it.

Perhaps a new radiator is in order.

No air in the system, nothing is boiling over into the overflow…

pusher fans are by nature less effective then pullers as i understand it

are both fans on at idle ?

That shit’s gonna happen is stop and go traffic. Just keep an eye on the guage and don’t let it go too high.


exactly, front mounts will cause that, my father had to get 2 spal fans to keep his below 160 in the heat.

i wouldent sweat it.

Yea just keep an eye on it. I also notice ever sence I put my front mount on I have seen a rise in temps with the a/c on. Also remember the air hitting your rad has already gone threw the a/c rad and the FMIC already, so it takes some of the heat with it.

I would first look for some coolant additives like Purple Ice or Water Wetter. If that doesn’t do the trick, I would seriously consider getting a larger radiator. My Koyo was around $380 or so but they don’t make a 1G so your best bet is Fluidyne.

yea what they all said, if u don’t wanna have to keep an eye on it go with a bigger rad and some slimline fans…otherwise throw in some water wetter and make sure the needle don’t go up too high