I like driving with the heat on in the summer!

So the past couple days I’ve been having some overheating issues.

Nothing to the point where it was approaching the big “H”.

So yeah, today I was driving to work, and all of the sudden it shoots up pretty high…

turn the heat on, warm for a minute… then cold


starts floating dangerously to “H”

turn the car off, coast, turn back on, lather, rinse, repeat.

Got to work


puff of steam


went downstairs like 10 minutes ago

Small puddle of coolant under the car.


T stat time baby


Dont worry itll be snowing in 3 weeks


upgrade that radiator while your at it :slight_smile:

buy a Honda they never break down bizzatch

well since you have both a FMIC and AC in front of your radiator, I’m assuming it’s not getting enough cool air. Maybe you want to get a good radiator. How many fans are you running, and are they always on???

i think i should prolly pay some attention to my tstat too, my temp’s kinda high this summer compared to last year

:lolham: :word:

actually, not entirely…

u should get a Corrola…they seriously never break down

your ball sweat is going to be sweating

if you need a ride home :tup:

I would say yur low on coolant… but I remember you telling me you filled it not too long ago…

Its either, low on coolant, tstat, not enough radiator, water pump… in order of least to most severe.