a camaro, an integra, and a GTi doin some work VIDEO

well as some of you may recall, there was a call out to smokkkinnnssss from RustyJones about doing a dig race. well they came to the conclusion that the only way a dig would happen was if Ssmokinss got his 50 roll.

so we all meetup at a carwash, shortly after it starts pouring!:wtf

well smokinss decides to leave and maybe 20 min later we all decide to leave aswell then i get a call from smokinss that the roads are dry near exit 8 after the twin bridges. minutes later I call Rusty to see if he is down for a run. rusty agrees and we come down to this

50 roll VID

seconds after a GTi decides to lineup with the camaro, a race that has been very anticipated for quite sometime now… well that came down to this

65~ hit

hope you guys like the vids. :number1

good work brett

Videos came out good pete

oooo sssssssssssssmokin gets him waaay up high.

yeah…soon as he started to pull me at about 140 I let off.wasn’t willing to go to 160…being wet and someone was in my car…good runs dude

oh and Drew…you willing to do another roll when i get my 15" rims back on? hate spinning those huge 17" rims :slight_smile:

Brett in for the kill. Good work brotha. Good runs and great video.

thanks dude, finally a good video w/out a dumpy camera

lets set it up, weather is lookin good today and youtube is waitin for more vids:excited

Haha. Good work Pete. Video’s have improved tremendously i must say.

its this sick new camera i’m usin. got some HD shit on it.

now just work on keeping it inside the window

Yea the wind noise is atrocious pete

the camera was in the window. it was the first time ever filming with this camera. it picks up the noise easy. atleast you guys can see the cars now!!!

Pete you had better hurry up or you are gonna miss your dentist appointment

i’m leavin in a minute.

HAHA yeh pete get to the dentist NOW!


nice runs guys

rust sounded good on wolf rd.

:lmao :lmao :lmao

and 4th was definitely short-shifted by quite a bit! didnt notice it until just now

Nice vids!