friday night fun..

Who is down for meeting up and making a bad ass video Friday night with intro’s on the cars and shit? Those who are 100% interested, post up in here. Im thinking we can meet at the park and ride around 10? I will have a camera with me as well…

ill be around , my tires are shot so no jug shots for me lolol unless they are highway . oh nevermind my bottles empty

I just put my new plugs in today and Im going to fill my bottle friday.

mine needs a recirt , and get the air pulled out of it so i get a FULL bottle this time around

im in. i’ll film stuff

I will be drifting holla.

what do you mean a “recirt”??

Basically certifying that it’s ‘safe’ to handle 900+ psi

oo got it.

im riding with you

so is 10 at park and ride good for people?

Ill try and rally more troops

i will be there watching along side, im sure i can get ofc farva to come out

who would that be? lol

That would be Lcon

im in, with the little civic

in for FFS 1-2-3 just because there’s a camera nearby

Subscribed :ninja

you coming out?

as long as ohnopopo gets my bottle ceted and filled ill be good to go …on street tires but good to go so no digs lol