A couple races last night

So b4 the party we had a little fun.

Me Vs. OrangeIroc= He put train lengths on me NA
Me(driving sherms car) Vs. Iroc350zss
MuddyBlazer Vs. Choko & Iroc350Zss=MuddyBlazer PWND
and my fav was during the party!

Choko Vs. Iroc350Zss right infront of my house had madd ppl watching on the sides of the street FnF Stylez. I vid taped from the top of Oroc’s Kaa

ill let them boys put up who won that 1… all in all a great night of racing and fun till the cops Cuffed Me in My Boxerz:lol:

:tup: x 298739587202

OutLawz racin FNF stylez :lol:

the best was rolling back to the party and brook was like “did we PASS his house ?”

and im like, no, well see XXXX"s burn out marks b4 we pass his … oop … theres the marks"

yeahh choko left the worlds longest burnout…its got 87fox beat by a longshot

oh that little fuckr… :smiley:

great there goes another 600 for DRs when i get home…