A hint of things to come?

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Uh oh… :tup:

Nice :rofl:

I think the supra was gaining

the way it should be X :tup:

:tup: fucking awesome

The supra would have caught up at around 1 mile because the FD would run out of gas… :rofl:

and about an hour later, a snky TDI drives by the gas station they are pumpin at.

^^ lol

i won’t deny it, thats true! haha

edit btw in related news, my power fc cleared customs today :smiley:

Soon there will be a vid of 2 sevens smoking a Supra. :eek:


… maybe even a Z :wink:

by far the hottest car ive seen in person

nice x, i can see u and uncle spenc now…lol

sweet vid though

reality > hopes and dreams

Nice! When do you think your car will be done?