Adelphia in Amherst < *

P-Link been down since sunday night? Per Cust Svc.:

That is all



that suxors

patmedia + comast 4L

hey, power went out yesterday and our wireless router and cable modem are on huge UPSs…

adelphia still worked! lol

It is pretty bad tho…

Sleepy, Your power? Where do You guys live now? I’m about 3 blocks from Your house (or last house?) and no probs. :gotme:

I’m down callodine now… wtf?

LMAO - don’t worry - I’m not stalking You man. I bought some PC gear off of You a few months ago Longmeadow.I live 'round the corner.

??? I’m in Amherst and I’ve had continuous service for…uh…a long time…