Albany Capital District EV Drivers

Does anyone here know of any EV drivers in our area?

I am seeking local EV drivers for social and driving EV events and gatherings. I have started a new FaceBook group called the Albany Capital District EV Drivers.

Mission statement: To assemble a local group of EV enthusiasts to socialize, organize group outings at local car shows, and possibly put on some EV economy competitions and driving tours as well.

If you know of any EV drivers in a 60 or so mile radius of the capital region, please let me [or them] know about the group I am putting together.

Tesla, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Nissan Leaf, Smart ED, Honda Fit EV, BMW Active E, Chevy Volt, any of the plug in hybrids, home builts, it’s all good!


does ev stand for electric vehicle… And if so do you mean like crazy old or antique electric vehicles. Orrrr like a Nissan leaf?

Well I wasn’t thinking about anything like a 1912 Baker Electric at first but hey why not?

What I had in mind was a Tesla, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Nissan Leaf, Smart ED, Honda Fit EV, BMW Active E, Chevy Volt, any of the plug in hybrids, home builts, it’s all good!


I’m a Nissan LEAF Master Certified salesman at Destination Nissan. Although I can’t disclose any information about any previous clients without permission, I do know of quite a few.

I took a few of those leaf courses, the leaf def has a surprising amount of power

That’s terrific, thanks for chiming in Cossey. I’m a former Nissan master tech of 18 years, but left Nemith Nissan well before the Leaf came out.

It would be really helpful if you could pass along the FB group link to clients who are enthusiastic about their EV’s and would like to join us.

I’m currently driving a new Honda Fit EV.


Mike, when I clicked the link or searched on FB, nothing came up. What made you go with a Fit over the LEAF?

I think I passed you the other day, subtle FIT EV differences made me do a double take on the car. They have some awesome incentives for those these days, hard to beat.

Thanks for letting me know. I had the group in a private setting. I just changed it to public. See if it works now please.

My interest in EV’s started with the original anouncement by Nissan of the coming of the Leaf. But I was never crazy about the Leaf’s styling. So when the smokin’ lease deal appeared late last month for the Fit EV, I jumped on the only one in the capital district.

I took it to Lebanon Vallay last Wed. night. I wanted to check the 1/4 mile performance data that Car and Driver reported in their instrumented tests. They claimed a 16.8 @ 83 mph.

The only change I made to the car was to increase the tire pressures to 44 psi [max pressure rating on the sidewall of the Michelins.] I was able to better their elapsed time by quite a bit, but the mph was spot on.

Run 1: 16.468 sec. @ 83.47 mph.

Run 2: 16.465 sec. @ 83.62 mph.

I snapped this pic just after the finish line. :smiley:

Cool, yeah that had to have been me. I think I have the only one in the area so far. Others are supposed to come in shortly though.

That looks pretty sharp… Hey mike did you know mr. Jacon or Jim husky?

Bill Jacon?

No, John Jacon. He’s a Volvo master tech. And yes I know both of them Captain. Small world isn’t it? :slight_smile:

very small world, i apprenticed under john, he just recently retired from volvo and is working for brinks security

I have a ford escape hybrid. It’s my wifes car. I like it. It has a bit of room, drives great, has very tight steering and is a complete beast in the snow. Gets 27-29mpg, definitely not bad for an suv

Do want Tesla S

theres a guy around here with karma, hes a friend of mr. nemith i believe ill pass on your fb page to him

Thanks for the non-electric car contribution lol

OT though, the EV Fit is pretty cool. I drove two of them a few weeks back, one of which might’ve been yours. I drive a few Leafs daily and they RIP lol. Definitely the most snappy of that, the Volt and Fit EV.

For reference my old 2008 Fit went 16.7 at about 78-79. I’m pretty sure I saw you as we’ll in the guilderland area a week or so ago. I also did a double take because I didn’t know the Fit EV was out yet haha.

LEAF is legit! Not that I did this myself, but I have heard that they’ll hit 100 relatively easily in a closed course environment. As long as you’re not in ECO mode, they accelerate pretty well.